For more than 35 years Tony has been repairing and making jewelry. Tony’s interest began while still in High School, and from there he went to school to learn the basics of jewelry manufacturing. He has worked with (and continues to work with) real masters of the art and craft of jewelry creation. His experience extends to helping restore some of those special items, or precious heirlooms, that are no longer able to be worn. His passion is to build a piece of jewelry, with the full design and structural integrity, that offers his customers trouble free years of satisfaction. And since 1990 he has been doing just that, in Marietta Ohio, for jewelry store’s all over the country.

Tony has managed to capture the tradition and flavor of an old-world Craftsman and merged that with the latest, Twenty-First Century technologies. By offering Computer Aided Design (CAD) to assist you in jewelry design, you can be assured that your piece, whether for yourself or a loved one, will be exactly what you want. Computer technology has changed jewelry production so that much of what was once done strictly by hand, can now be done with the assistance of computer driven machinery. Everyone benefits with the increased design capabilities and precision production.

These modern techniques have not reduced the involvement of the artistry in jewelry production, but have enhanced it by extending the range of the possible. Tony’s artistry has never been more important or obvious.

Deciding which best suits your needs should be something you decide for yourself, and not the only option offered where you shop. Tony has the ability to repair, hand make and manufacture jewelry just like it has been done for thousands of years. Now, with the addition of computer aided design, computer aided machining and laser welding technology, much of what could not be done in the past is now a reality.

Being able to see a three-dimensional drawing oVines 2013f an article you want made — before committing to the expense of making a piece of jewelry — is very helpful and most likely cost saving. You might have seen (or dreamed of) that perfect jewelry item, but also may have experienced the hurdles in getting someone else to see it exactly like you see it in your mind. Many times something is made that cannot quite fit your finger the way you would expect, due to the placement of stones and/or the thickness of the metal for structural strength at a critical place. Being involved in the design process allows you (the customer) to see what you truly like or dislike before buying something expensive that you simply don’t like to wear. By including precision layout and life-like drawings into the process, most of the guesswork about the correct geometry from crudely drawn designs is eliminated, as is the disappointment of not getting exactly what you expect.